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Traveler, Blogger and Entrepreneur

I always knew limited vacation days wouldn't work for me, so I became my own boss! I am a small business owner in Chicago who's traveled to 19 US National Parks, 38 States, 49 countries, and 6 continents. I research and plan itineraries for all of my travels. Doing my own travel planning helps me save money and gives me the flexibility to choose my activities and make my own schedule. I avoid a tour company whenever I can.

Friends and family often ask me for travel tips, itineraries, and trip notes, so I decided it was time to share it all!

Blogs are my primary source for researching travel plans. In using blogs, I am often frustrated by the scrolling and digging required to find the information I am looking for. So I am creating a different kind of blog—one that is easy to navigate and provides organized, to-the-point, practical advice without the personal stories.

I hope this blog is helpful for planning your upcoming adventures. Go find some amazing sunsets!


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